The 1st time-released diet patch in America

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PERFECT ZERO is a revolutionary new way to help burn stubborn body fat. A team of dedicated scientists, doctors and creators are behind its success. Through their tcommitment to health, they have been dedicated to real, long-term, weight loss success. Because of their discovery, PERFECT ZERO time-release weight loss patch works differently than any other diet patches currently on the market.

First in the USA

  • FIRST and ONLY time-release patch available
  • FIRST medical-quality patch
  • FIRST natural-ingredient patch


  • NO THING to swallow
  • NO special diets, powders, or liquids
  • NO exercise necessary
  • NOT a drug
  • NO side effects
  • Will NOT affect bowel movements

How it works


Losing Weight is a 2 step process:

Step 1 : Put Patch On

Step 2 : Take Pounds off

The first and only all-natural time-release patch for weight reduction is now available

PERFECT ZERO Patch uses time-release technology to release a consistent amount of natural ingredients over a period of time, allowing you to experience the full benefits of the formula and lose weight at a consistent rate.

Unlike regular patches, a time-release patch can control the rate at which the treatment enters your system. Other weight loss patches quickly release the ingredients into your bloodstream, producing a rapid and high concentration in the body, followed by a sharp decline. This process can immensely reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.